​Our Mission
8th Count is for the dancer, or the dancer at heART. Our threads are expressions for the lover of art. We are good to your skin, which looks great on you, whether you Plié, Jeté, Assemblé, or Tendu!

Why? Curvy, thin, black, white, or in between, confidence is key when on the dance scene. When you look good, you feel good, so you dance even better, we encourage you to not only dream, but be a go-getter!

Our Goals

​8th Count is a movement that aims to create fashions that are environmentally friendly, health conscious, convenient, physically supportive, and artistic.

​We design and construct pieces for everyday dancers, performers, general artists, and even custom pieces for dance companies, troupes, teams, and special performances etc.

Our Purpose

When you patronize 8th Count, you are funding college scholarships, and supporting the creativity, and mental health and wellness of youthful artists. 8th Count encourages one to persevere for themselves, their community, and their passion. Embrace YOU, and don’t be afraid to wear your he(ART) on your sleeve!

​Read about our August 19, 2017 production, Be The Light, Be The Love 

Share Your HeART


Live, breathe, and wear your art.

8th Count provokes thought, individuality, and authenticity.